St. Paul Church & School Council

At the Church & School Council, we are an elected group of St. Paul Lutheran Church and School member volunteers who work for Christ faithfully using the gifts that he has given us that flow from the Cross.  We comprise the governing body that serves as the directors for the Church and School.  Except to the extent that powers and authorities are retained by the congregation as a whole, all corporate powers, business and legal affairs of the Church are exercised by or under the authority of the Church Council.

Highlights of the St. Paul Lutheran Church & School Council duties are as follows:

    • Providing for the administration of the congregation to enable it to fulfill its function and perform its mission as part of the body of Christ.

    • Formulating, implementing and monitoring policies and procedures as are required for the operations of the Church and School.

    • Working with and though the Pastors and School Principal to assure their coordination of the core programs and activities of the Church and School ministries and administrative boards.

    • Long-range strategic planning, annual budget preparation, goal setting and mission & vision facilitation.

    • Presenting to the voting members at the annual meeting a yearly operating plan for the church and school.

    • Acting on behalf of the Church's voting members to decide on designated topics and issues as called for in voters meetings and by the Church Constitution and Bylaws.

  • Implementing the necessary business and accounting practices, and auditing procedures to assure that Church assets are managed in accordance with responsible and acceptable accounting principals.

The St. Paul Church & School Council consists of voting members who are each elected for two year terms.  The current office holders are:

     President - John List

     Vice President - John Dover




                  2nd Vice President - Doug Kruse

     Secretary - Pam Runkel 





                   Treasurer - Bart Bishop 

    Chair - Christian Day School- Todd Kennedy




                  Chair - Family Life - Jennifer Cycholl 

    Chair - Elders - Bob Fuerstenau 

    Chair - Properties - Clyde Barbieri

    Chair - Stewardship - John Hrycyk

    Ex Officio Member - Senior Pastor J.R. Jones

    To contact the Church Council, please send an email to