Stephen Ministry

St. Paul Lutheran Church is an active Stephen Ministry congregation. Stephen Ministry provides one on one care for people in crisis. The goal of Stephen Ministry is to provide Christ centered care for individuals working through a personal crisis.

Individuals who are in the following situations would benefit from the care of a Stephen Minister: hospitalization, terminal illness, bereavement, depression, loneliness, job loss, as well as other crisis situations.

Stephen Ministers undergo an intensive training program in Christian caring skills. This training is conducted under the guidance of Stephen Leaders and pastors. Stephen Ministers are empowered by the Holy Spirit to listen, empathize, encourage, and pray with his or her care receiver, walking with him or her during this difficult time in a confidential one-on-one relationship.

Other than time, there is no cost in meeting with a Stephen Minister. If you feel that you or a loved one would benefit from confidential caring and Christian support, please contact the church office 561-395-0433 or one of the pastors of St. Paul Lutheran Church. You may also contact one of our Stephen Leaders: Ona Zerra or Carl Schiefer (561-809-4656).

If you are led to consider serving the Lord by becoming a Stephen Minister, think and pray about this opportunity to serve. Please contact Carl Schiefer at St. Paul Lutheran Church: 561-395-0433, ext 118 or at