How to Join St. Paul Lutheran Church


Click on Picture above to take a look at the Lutheran Hour site and videos that will be used for this course.

Our next new member class will be this next January.

If you are interested in joining St. Paul and serving in our community, we encourage you to sign up for our "God Connects" course.  This is a 4 week 1/2 hour study designed to acquaint you with Biblical theology and to inform you about our church and culture here at St. Paul.  These classes are invaluable, as they are a stepping stone, connecting your faith and discipleship walk to the walk God has us on here at St. Paul.


We look forward to getting to know you better, to working with you in furthering our Lord's mission and ministry, as together we grow in grace and service to our Lord Jesus Christ.


For additional information and to sign up for class please contact:

Pastor Steve at 561-395-0433, ext 101 or by email: