Top 10 Reasons to Visit Saint Paul

  1. Visitor friendly congregation. 
    At St. Paul Lutheran Church, we realize many people arrive at our front doors church shopping.  When you visit St. Paul, we want your shopping to be over.  Visitors are important to us and you will be noticed.
  1. Exciting worship services with a variety of formats. 
    St. Paul offers three worship services each week to help make your worship experience as meaningful as possible.  We have a 6pm Saturday night service and two Sunday services at 9am and 10:45am.
  1. Dynamic pastors who deliver meaningful messages. 
    Our pastors work extremely hard to make every message meaningful and applicable for your daily walk – to help you live your life Monday through Saturday in ways that are pleasing to the Lord.
  1. Inspirational music programs. 
    St. Paul offers a variety of music opportunities to enhance our worship services.  Currently we have a sanctuary choir, a hand-bell choir, a men’s chorus, a praise team and many children’s choirs offered through our school.  We also welcome anyone who has the ability to play an instrument or sing a solo to become involved in the music ministry of St. Paul Lutheran Church.
  1. Excellent Christian Day School. 
    St. Paul Lutheran School offers a well-rounded Christian education for children age 3 through the 8th grade.  We are a fully accredited school set by the standards of the National Lutheran School Association.
  1. Strong Adult Education programs. 
    St. Paul offers a dedicated Bible study each Sunday morning from 9:45 - 10:30a.m.  You will find a variety of topics to meet your spiritual needs.  In addition, there are many classes offered during the week (Tuesday morning - 630am for MEN, Wednesday morning - 10am, Thursday mornings - 830am-10am MOMS).
  1. Exciting Youth Ministry. 
    For the past several years, St. Paul Lutheran Church has had two full-time Directors of Youth Ministry on staff to further the growth of our middle school and high school students.  There is a dedicated youth room on campus to help better minister to this very special age group.
  1. Variety of ministries including MOMS, Men’s ministry and Saints Alive. 
    St. Paul is constantly looking for better ways to serve its members.  There is a very active program for young mother’s (MOMS) Thursday mornings and also a very active Men’s ministry to help meet the special needs of these hard working members.  In addition there is a very active Saints Alive program for those 55+ on the first Thursday of each month (September - May). 
  1. Stephen Ministry congregation. 
    Stephen Ministry has been a great blessing to St. Paul Lutheran Church.  Specially trained caregivers reach out to our members who are going through trying times and help minister in a very loving and caring way.
  1. Hearing the Gospel Message:  “Jesus Loves You.” 
    St. Paul is a “grace” place.  We are all about “Jesus” in whatever we do.  The message of Jesus Christ and his free gift of salvation is what focuses everything that happens on our campus.