Recording Ministry


Recording Ministry’s objective

“The Word of God is Alive and Active” Hebrews 4:12

The seeds that started as a way to bring our church services to home-bound family and friends soon bloomed into reaching thousands of listeners via weekly radio broadcasts. Today, instead of using radio waves, our delivery is via the internet and through the distribution of DVDs and CDs.


His Words always need to be heard,

songs about Him must be inspirational

and our music uplifting to the soul.

   What better way than to record our weekly services to spread the “Word”.



History of this Ministry



Leon Curry is the founder of what originally was referred to as St Paul’s Lutheran Tape and Radio Ministry. This ministry started in 1999 with this one volunteer making and mailing cassette tapes to the shut-in members each week. One year later broadcasting on a local radio station in Delray Beach began. The cassette tapes were edited to fit the broadcast time frame but the quality was not as adequate as it could have been. As an answer to prayer, God placed a desire to help spread the Gospel upon the heart of an anonymous donor to give $15,000 to purchase computers and editing software in order to prepare digital CDs in addition to the Cassettes.

In 2001, a time slot opened on radio station in West Palm Beach that offered a much greater coverage. In addition, the station streamed live on the web so anyone in the world who has internet access could listen live on Sundays mornings. We knew of listeners across the country and of some of our military personnel stationed world wide.

About this same time, a display table in the sanctuary narthex was added so that all members and visitors could take CDs or Cassettes of previous services. When services were added in the Family Life Center, we started recording DVDs of the contemporary services and added a second display in the FLC lobby.

This Ministry continues today and the recordings are being produced by three dedicated volunteers. Heartfelt thanks to Art Muller, Ken Fritsche, and Gehr Runkel and their technical consultants Tim Utech and Dane Watson. Although cassettes are now considered obsolete and are no long available and all radio broadcasts have been discontinued, DVDs and CDs remain available at the displays in the narthex and the entrance to the FLC. The DVD of the service in the Family Life Center and the CD of the service in the Sanctuary are also uploaded each week to St Paul’s web site where they are archived and can be enjoyed by all who seek The Word of our Lord.



Did you know?

  • TAKE ONE: A display of past weeks CDs and DVDs are in the narthex of the sanctuary and the lobby of the FLC which are available to anyone. Uses of these CDs vary from someone who may have missed a service; or worshiped in the Family Life Center and wanted to also hear the service in the Sanctuary or vice versa; to listening in the car while commuting; to mailing them to Shut-Ins, family or friends in various parts of the country; or to military personnel serving around the world.


  • MAIL ONE: Each week a CD or DVD is mailed to Shut-Ins and to members and non-members both here locally and out of state that are unable to attend services, if requested. If you have someone you would like to add to our mailing list, please call the church office at 561-395-0433. If you prefer fill out the form below and mail to the church or place in the offering plate.
  • This ministry also records and makes copies of some of the Bible Study classes, Seminars, Choral music and special events at St Paul’s, some of which are available at “Heavens Gate Gift Shop” located on the Church campus.
  • This ministry has stored all of the St Paul’s services since 2002 in their archives as well as over 677 hymns sung by our choirs and soloists.



Want to get involved?

To keep up our commitment to continue to spread the “WORD of our LORD”, we need your help. Several additional hands are needed to help with recording, editing, duplicating and mailings. No previous knowledge is required…we will train you! If you like to use computers and would enjoy the satisfaction of ending up with something useful to the Lord, this is for you. Contact Ken Fritsche or Art Muller by calling the Church office. We would love to talk with you and show you what we do and how it is done.

The operational cost of this ministry include cost of mailings, computer supplies and equipment maintenance. Donations to the Church directed toward this Ministry will help spread the “Word” and will be most appreciated.

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