Saints Alive

 We are excited about the many wonderful ways we can express and live out our faith!

We meet weekly for Bible Study on Wednesdays, 10am in the fellowship hall. 


Then, on the 1st Thursday of each month, we join for fellowship and a luncheon in our fellowship hall.  The Lunch starts at 12pm / Noon, and is followed by a program of entertaining, informative and participatory events.  We plan and take day excursions to theatres, museums, Octoberfest, and various other interesting places. 


So if you like to have fun, enjoy Christian fellowship, and are looking for a Christian community to connect with, then we invite you to join us!  (The Only requirement is that you have attained the age of 50 or older.)  Come be a part of our exciting ministry as we live the Abundant life in faith and fellowship in Saints Alive here at,

St Paul Lutheran Church & School.