Property Board

 St Paul Lutheran Church and School

  The facility at St. Paul resides on an 11 acre site.  There are approximately  5 acres of grass, landscaped areas, parking lots and a small nature preserve.  Twelve buildings comprising approximately 95,000 square feet house the Church, School and Family Life Center (Gym).

             Our ever growing ministry affords us ongoing development opportunities.  Presently we are erecting a new Steeple ( See pictures at bottom of page) with carillon system that will play daily for the benefit of our community.   

The Ministry's goals are to ensure that the physical assets of the Church and School are maintained, managed and protected, thereby supporting The Word and Sacrament activities of the Church. This allows the Pastors, Staff, School, Ministries and all Volunteers to efficiently carry out their activities using the property and facilities.  Included in their charter is to recommend on-going improvement and maintenance budgets, implement planned and emergency repairs, coordinate volunteers in facility maintenance areas, develop and manage facility usage, identify requirements and an approach to maintaining the grounds and buildings, as well as to ensure the Church and School physical assets are protected by insurance programs and security measures. 



 "By the grace God has given me, God has laid a foundation as an expert builder… For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ."  (1 Corinthians: 10-11)   

St. Paul Lutheran Church and School has a dynamic history of following the Master's Plan and through a continued expansion of ministry efforts, has a legacy of serving our Lord, Jesus Christ.  The campus now offers facilities for worship, Christian education, and fellowship following major construction just over a decade ago.  But plans, like the church and its congregation, shift with time.  After adapting for growth and internal changes, St. Paul has defined its identity and role as a Family Ministry. The Master’s Plan guides the congregation to concentrate its priorities in the areas that foster and support Christ centered ministry.

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