Volunteer Positions

The Audio Visual ministry is in need of volunteers. We need YOU to make worship happen! We are happy to help train you in any way needed. Please consider helping in one of our postions.

 Thank you!

Slideshow Technician





The Video Mixer is responsible for controlling the operation of the robotic camera and preparing transitions between cameras, DVDs and slideshows.




Camera Operator






The Assistant Engineer is responsible for assisting the Production Manager with all aspects of audio, including but not limited to: monitor mixing, front of house mixing, DVD recording, setup/take down and broadcasting.






Lighting Technician








The Stage Manager is in charge of facilitating communication between the tech team and the stage.



The Slideshow Technician will be responsible for operating the slideshow during the worship service or production.



Video Mixer






The Camera Operator is responsible for maintaining quality shots with the camera and working in coordination with the Video Mixer in order to enchance the visual experience of the audience.






Assistant Engineer










The Lighting Technician will help in operating the lighting console and with designing lighting elements for worship and productions.







Stage Manager





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