St Paul is a family ministry that affords all of its members a place to serve and express their faith in relevant & tangible ways.  Jesus reminds us, that Christians are called to serve... not be served!  This means that we realize that God has equipped all of His children with gifts for a purpose with a plan to impact lives for Jesus Christ in time and eternity.

So we encourage you to take a moment and complete the volunteer form at the bottom of the page, listing those minstry areas that you would like more information about.  With this information, we will connect you with the minstry leader who can get you started and afford you the blessings of serving with people just like you who love Jesus and are excited about making a difference in the lives of others, here at St Paul Lutheran Church & School, and throughout the world.  We look forward to serving with you to the glory of God.  St Paul... It's a great place to serve!  


      If you are looking for an mission or ministry opportunity to serve in, connect with and express your faith in a tangible way, please contact for more information.


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