Golf Weekend Retreat

8th Annual Ryder Cup Men's Golf Weekend

SpringLake Golf Resort - Sebring, Florida


Players listed from left to right: 

 RED TEAM: Travis McGreavy, Jack Conte, Chris Lehman, Leon Teste, Rick Wing, Jeff Glick, Todd Saracco, Neil Hayne, 

Peter Haupt, Mike Crowley, Brian Theise, Toby Nilsson, Bob Scheppske (on BLUE TEAM), Terry Lage, Dave Ball, 

BLUE TEAM: Howard Neitsch, Phil Friederichs, Scott Clark, Trent Cycholl, Chris Polimeni, Phil Magaletti, Jim Renfrow, 

Chris Terry, Tim Glick, Bob Morovick, Joe Godin, Vince Manzella, Dan Frazer, Jimmy Howe, Doug Wing 

Missing from picture: RED TEAM Jim Baltuskonis


Friday pm Two man better ball:                RED TEAM - 4 points                BLUE TEAM - 4 points

Saturday am Two Man Scramble:              RED TEAM - 4 points                BLUE TEAM - 4 points                                           

Saturday pm Two Man Alternate Shot:      RED TEAM - 5 1/2 points           BLUE TEAM - 2 1/2 points

Sunday am Singles:                                RED TEAM - 10 points               BLUE TEAM - 6 points

Congratulations to the RED TEAM for their victory  23 1/2 to 16 1/2.

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