"LIFE in the SON" Bible Study Series Resources


"LIFE in the SON" is a Bible Study series led by Pastor J.R. Jones that is focused on Jesus.  Specifically, who He is, what He did, and why He did it for us!


Below you will find links to listen to and download (to save for later listening) all 10 parts of this exciting Bible study series.

"Who is Jesus?" 1 of 10

"The Mystery of His Deity" 2 of 10

"The Reality of His Humanity" 3 of 10

"The Wisdom of His Teachings" 4 of 10

"The Wonders of His Works" 5 of 10

"The Puzzling Conduct of Our Savior" 6 of 10

"The Tenderness of God's Love" 7 of 10

"The Intensity of The Walk" 8 of 10

"The Meaning of His Death" 9 of 10

"The Power of His Resurrection" 10 of 10