April 2013 


Thousands of displaced residents ...extensively damaged homes. 

The Souris River flooding smashed a 130-year-old record by nearly 4 feet, rolling over permanent and temporary flood protections six weeks ago.  About 12,000 residents have been displaced by the flooding, but city officials do not have an exact figure. Thousands of people have used Red Cross or other shelters and many have turned to friends, family and neighbors for temporary housing. About 4,100 structures sustained extensive damage, mostly houses.

St Paul Lutheran Church and School is forming Teams and plans to assist in the repairs in Minot, ND by sending Assistance Teams to work with the continuing cleanup and house repairs. The next team scheduled to go April 2013.

For more information about how you can assist the people of Minot ND, or support this mission trip, please contact Pastor Stephen Carretto ( pastorsteve@stpaulboca.com )  or (561-395-0433).

We covet your prayers for the people of Minot ND, for our teams and plans, and for the financial support needed to make this mission successful.