Jeremiah Bauer, Director of Christian Education

Jeremiah Bauer   Jeremiah was born in Chipita Park, Colorado and lived there until he went to college at Concordia University Nebrask in 2005. Jeremiah studied in the Director of Christian Education program, majoring in Education and Theology, with a concerntration in youth ministry. Growing up in Colorado, Jeremiah loves the outdoors!

Jeremiah was placed on his DCE internship at Zion Lutheran Church & School in New Palestine, Indiana in 2009. During his internship, he soon met Kaitlin - also serving on her DCE internship from Concordia University River Forest at Carmel Lutheran Church in Carmel, Indiana. Adter internship, both Jeremiah and Kaitlin were Called into full time ministry at their congregations in Indy. Jeremiah and Kaitlin were married at Carmel Lutheran in 2011, all the while both serving at two seperate congregations as Directors of Christian Education.

Jeremiah is passionate about leading others towards Christ, through presenting God's word, the outdoors, media, music and relationships. The Bauer's are blessed to serve together in one congregation at St. Paul!

Jeremiah can be reached Tuesday through Friday 8am to 4pm at (561) 395-0433 x102 or at

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